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JETCAM makes order controller software free

JETCAM today announced that JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Lite will now be free to use for all JETCAM Expert nesting users with a current maintenance contract. The software allows either single components or assemblies to be added to unlimited worksheets to be sent to JETCAM Expert for nesting.

JOC Lite was originally launched in 2013 as a companion app for remotely populating JETCAM Expert’s nesting component order list. Assembly management with revision control allowed for complex multi-level assemblies to be constructed, which could then be ordered for nesting with a couple of clicks.


An unlimited number of worksheets can be created and used in a variety of ways – whether users prefer to create them per shift, by machine, day of the week, etc. In addition to the ability to drag and drop components or assemblies onto the list users can also import using CSV from MRP. When importing assemblies only the assembly name needs to be specified, with JOC Lite automatically exploding it down to individual components.

The components display provides users with an external interface to navigate their JETCAM part files. JOC Lite also contains a nest database, which can be filtered by machine, material or thickness to quickly identify nests and their associated NC code. A vector view also allows you to pan and zoom the nest image, with the ability to print a nest report with one click. Users can right click on either components or nests to open them in JETCAM Expert for editing.

The software can be installed and configured in under a minute, with an online 'University' video course explaining how to use the software in around 30 minutes.

Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM International s.a.r.l. said; 'JOC Lite extends JETCAM Expert’s functionality by providing a remote ordering front end as well as linking to MRP with CSV import of parts or assemblies. The simple installation, extremely short learning curve and path to further automation with JOC Premium make JOC Lite an essential side companion.'

All JETCAM users with nesting interface and a current maintenance contract can download and install JOC Lite for free. Customers can log into JETCAM’s customer area at to immediately download the software.

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