JMT designs and sells quality metal fabrication machine tools for a wide range of sheet metal and structural steel working applications that include bending, cutting, drilling, positioning, punching, shearing and welding.
The company has a 55,000 square foot showroom, warehouse and service center at its headquarters in Bursa,Turkey. Worldwide network of over 40 select dealers trained to sell and service JMT machines are strategically located to provide the fastest response times to our customers.

JMT machines are built to our stringent set of design and quality standards in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Along with designing our own machines, JMT partners with manufacturers that have extensive experience building machine tools for some of the leading suppliers in the industry.

JMT product designs combine accuracy, speed, flexibility, durability, reliability and advanced technology to deliver machines with the highest performance-to-price ratio in the industry.
Balat Mh. Sihhiye Cd. Office 4200, Bursa, 16140, Turkey, Türkiye


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