Nichol McKay Ltd

With customers throughout the UK, Nichol McKay has been serving major companies in the metal manufacturing industry for over 30 years. The company offers an unbeatable mix of talent, speed, quality, expertise and experience to each and every customer.

We focus on ‘lean manufacturing’ controlled by our 6 Sigma processes. Couple that with our streamlined Just In Time delivery procedures and customers can be guaranteed the very highest standards in professional metal component manufacturing for any volume specifications.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will take your product from the initial design stages through development and into full production. In that time customers will benefit from the very latest technology in CNC programming for optimal laser cutting, punching, profile burning, multi axis bending, robotic welding, shot blasting, wet painting and powder coating.
Prestwick Airport, Prestwick, KA9 2SB, Ayrshire, UK