JETCAM release updated postprocessor to support new Prima-Power XML-based Tulus controllers

JETCAM International today announced a major update to its PP11050 Prima Power (formerly Finn-Power) XML based postprocessor, supporting all Tulus software-based CNC controllers.

The postprocessor, in conjunction with JETCAM’s other Prima-Power and Finn-Power postprocessors ensures that JETCAM Expert is able to drive the entire range of Prima Power machines and associated automation covering punch, laser, right angle shear and combination machines.

The range includes:

  • CNC Punching machines:
    • E5x Punch Press
    • E6x Punch Press
    • E-series Punch Presses
    • C5 Punch Press
    • C6 Punch Press
    • C8 Punch Press
  • CNC Punching & Shearing machines:
    • SG6 Shear Genius®
    • SG6 Shear Genius® + Robot
    • SG8 Shear Genius®
    • SG8 Shear Genius® + Robot
    • SG6e Shear Genius®
    • SG6e Shear Genius® + Robot
    • SG8e Shear Genius®
    • SG8e Shear Genius® + Robot
    • SB6 Shear Brilliance®
    • SB6 Shear Brilliance® + Robot
    • SB8 Shear Brilliance®
    • SB8 Shear Brilliance® + Robot
  • CNC Punching & Laser Cutting machines:
    • LB6 Laser Brilliance®
    • LB6 Laser Brilliance® + Robot
    • LB8 Laser Brilliance®
    • LB8 Laser Brilliance® + Robot
    • LPe6 Laser Punch e
    • LPe6 Laser Punch e + Robot
    • LPe8 Laser Punch e
    • LPe8 Laser Punch e + Robot
    • LPe6f Laser Punch
  • CNC Laser Cutting machines:
    • L6 Flying Optics Laser
    • L6 Flying Optics Laser + Express
    • LC6

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager; “This latest development demonstrates our continual commitment to Prima Power and its customers. With over 25 years of experience and support for virtually every punching and profiling machine on sale during this period, only the award-winning JETCAM products can offer the combined solution of total machine support, automation and extremely efficient nesting.”

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