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Software rarely has the same perceived value associated with it as hardware – you cannot touch it, for example, so it is very easy to overlook the positive and negative effects that the right or wrong product can have on your business. Whether it’s your MRP system that’s gone down or your CAM system is causing problems it all boils down to the same thing – time and money. Over time visionary companies will all opt for reliable completely automated solutions to increase throughput and minimise overheads and waste. While the initial cost of automation has a perceived price and technological barrier a review of existing practices versus future savings can quickly identify this as false. Selecting the right CAM system to be a reliable and efficient unmanned interface between the order and the output is the key to this success.

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Martin Bailey is the Marketing Manager for JETCAM International, and is also the author of several marketing and technology sector books. JETCAM Expert is used in over 7000 locations worldwide and supports virtually all punching and cutting/profiling CNC machines in the sheet metal, aerospace/automotive and other industries.

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